W0RK 2017-2019

During the different periods of lockdown, the possibilities of self-built structures as subjects for photography have been further developed. By using many different types of materials, spaces with very different character were realized. The guiding principle in this method is that when the space is photographed it evokes the sensation of a site never seen before, as a location that someone is visiting for the first time.

On two occasions*, a space was built as an installation for a public presentation. The audiance can view the space before it is photographed. The spectators were the first to have the opportunity to photograph the space. This means that the 'front view' of the installation had already been ‘given away’; the necessity to photograph these views disappears since this has already been done by the visitors. It does not matter if the photographer remains anonymous or these photographs will never been published. This contradictory situation turns out to be an extra incentive to approach the relevant space in a new way, so that the final photo shows a completely 'new' space. It is a strange observation that if the public had not photographed (the front view of) the space, the final photograph would not have been taken.

In addition, photos are regularly created, often taken at the location where a space is being constructed, that register the incident light. These studies appear to be related to the constructed spaces, like different sides of the same coin.

* 2020 Kaalstaart Festival, Amersfoort - 2021 exhibition ’[im]p’ at the former sauna ’Thermen’ in Houten