Location: 'Central Square "De Brink" , in "Betondorp "Concrete Village" , Amsterdam
period: April 2016 - July 2016
description: 2 Photographs, printed on panels 90 cm 240 cm.
commission: :Rode Loper Festival, Amsterdam ('Red Carpet Festival).

The request was to create a connection between different neighbors in the streets of this village -like neighborhood.
I thought it might be fun to create a situation where the street had dis appeared and the opposite apartments were merged together. Looking out of your window means then looking right into your neighbor's apartment.
To realize this, I photographed the interior on one side from the street, looking in. Then I reshaped and printed the image so that it would fit the window on the other side of the street. The person in the photograph is actual looking at the opposite neighbor's apartment, appearing in their window.

In real life you would never dream of such a situation, but on the photograph it looks actually kind of pleasing.



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