description: 3 photographs, pigmKent ink on Baryta paper, on Di-bond, and plexified, sizes vsizes app. 36 " x 48" (90cm x 120 cm) - 6 prints on canvas, 88" x 40" (220 cm x 100 cm).
period : Exhibition: September - October 2008 commission: Visual Art Center CBK Amsterdam, With support by the AFK Amsterdam Art Fund .
Site: Former dining room in the Elisabeth Otter-Knoll Building in the East district of Amsterdam.

The installation is realized on request by the Visual Art Center Amsterdam, housed in an early twentieth centruy city mansion, by the people in the neighborhood nicknamed as "The Castle of East.
It explores the building and tries to connect all kind of different spaces.
During my formative years as artist I rented a small studio in the basement of this building, which made the project a strange sentimental journey.
The molded books I found in a cabinet in the baement were a remnant of a project I had done 15 years before and had all forgotten about.

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KVO 08-07-10 01
KVO 08-07-18 "OVERGROWN '

KVO 08-08-29 08  
KVO 08-08-07 02