location: mca "Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam"
period: march 2009 through may 2010
description: 8 photo panels, (sizes: from 80" x 50" up to 88" x 80". Each on two panels), ink op canvas.
commission: :Project Management Bureau Amsterdam & Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

The empty museum with only white walls, and not a single mark for orientation is like an Alzheimer's experience. You wander through the rooms and loose track of where you are immediately. To counter this, large panels were placed in several galleries, showing the same space in a specific state during the renovation. From each panel, the next panel in another gallery was visible, thus "guiding" the visitor through the galleries and along the images showing what is actually present inside the walls.

The photography site Photo Q creates a short movie on the installation: Edie Peters does the interview and camera is by Marcel Molle.

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