The project is a literal retrospection on a decade of dismantled cultural palaces in Amsterdam.
Photographs I took of these dismantled cultural palaces over the course of time (see as well ‘Hidden City’, are printed on a large size and then positioned on the original location, where the camera once stood.
Then I photographed the setting in such a way that the print and its environment merge to the extend that they interact with each other.
On the final photograph the space is depicted twice, dismantled and completed.

W139 - 2004 returned to 2011  
EYE Institute - The wide screen cinema "Bellevue Cinerama" is installed at the new Cinema ONE of the EYE, still under construction.  
Nautical Museum"Scheepvaartmuseum" - 2010 returned to 2011 OT 11-06-01
Municipal Theater "Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam" - 2003 returned to 2011  
DeLaMar Theater - 2010 returned to 2011  
Jewish Historical Museum - 2006 returned to 2011  
Rijksmuseum - "The Site Returns to its Painting" 2005 to 2011  
MCA"The Stedelijk Museum" - The Former Sandberg Wing Returned to the New Museum" 2006 to 2011