location: Empty storefront, Den Helder
period: April 2017 - June 2017
description: old cabinet, scale model of the same cabinet, two photographs, 120 x 152 inch and 48 x 68 inch and two photographs , 18 x 24 inch. Panting, moccasins.
commission: : Woonstichting Den Helder

The grand cabinet had a prominent place in the dining-room at my grandparent's house. They must have been proud of this important piece of furniture, at least given the fact that my grandfather made a scale model of the cabinet for my sister to play with.
Later, the cabinet stood for many years in my parent's house and finally in storage, waiting for a new purpose.
Pondering about this cabinet and the past, about the small cabinet that becomes large within the play of children, about the thin separation between reality and fantasy, where here and there, then and now can easily connect …
I created this installation.



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