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location: Abandoned gymnasium, Schiedam
period: November 2017
description: 2 prints on thin paper with backlight, blocking of the space .
commission: : st. Feest der Leegstand

Two small rooms, behind a former gymnasium in Schiedam (see ”Camera Lucida”) were closed off by space filling photographs, depicting the view from the other end of the room, looking back. The visitor enters a small space in between the two rooms and sees both photographs, looking left and right.
The space becomes the frame for the photograph, the photograph replaces the space. With backlight, the photographs glow in the shimmering darkness of the building.
The viewer comprehends that the actual space on the photograph exists behind the picture plane of the photograph, so the image shows that what it covers. Yet the view is the opposite direction. is it then a simple mirror? The photographs are places a small distance behind the door, just enough for the visitor to gain information of the space behind the photograph and realize that the idea of the photograph being a mirror does not work, which leads to confusion on what one is looking at, what is actual there and what is illusion.
While working on this location I made the two photographs in the installation as an exploration of the space and its possibilities. Considering what would happen if I would install these photographs in this way, I realized I could not oversee the implications of this rather simple intervention, thus leaving me no other option than execute the idea. In that respect, this temporarily installation is merely a sketch for future opportunities.

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