Kunsthal 45 Den Helder
27 augustus - 1 oktober 2017

This exhibition has brought together the works of a ten of photographers / artists who's field of work lays in the public domain. Curating the exhibition is based on the question how street photographers represent the space in their photographs and how they treat the space that they photograph while they photograph.
The installation of the exhibited works is based on a dialogue between the different works on these themes.

Within the exhibition itself there is no reference to the criteria and curatorial themes , to prevent the photographs to become the illustrations of the curator’s story.

However, curating the exhibition gave me new inside information on several works I was already familiar with and made me questions these themes in what was for me a new context.

The motivation for this exhibition came from my recent project ‘’IN BETWEEN’’, that has not yet been published.
For this project I strolled the streets of Tokyo, but as always, people don’t appear on my photographs.

In the nearer future a description of the works regarding the curatorial themes will be added to these pages.

On the left: Bas Losekoot ''In Company of Strangers'', centre Hans van der Meer, background: Erik Klein Wolterink
Erik Klein Wolterink - ''Echo's of Den Helder''
On the foreground: Hans van der Meer,: ''The Netherlands, From the Shelf''on the backrgound: Bas Losekoot
Jaap van den Beukel - ''City - Me''
Reinier Gerritsen - ''Bank Run''
Theo Niekus - ''Portaits on the Damrak''
Reinier Gerritsen- ''Ban Run''
Jan Drik van der Burg & Gijs van den Berg ''Cutting Edges''
''In Between - Akasaka'', October 2016
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